Two Bunch Palms Resort

Conscious deep breaths and full exhales, rocked me into a state of deep relaxation, as a light breeze kissed my face. As I floated in the heated outdoor pool, my therapist Gabriel manipulated my limbs in what felt like a water dance. With water floats attached to my legs, he opened and released tense areas of the body, stimulating meridians. Watsu is an intimate experience, asking the participant to fully let go and trust the therapist. Areas of holding, in the body, gently melt away. My meridians, or a strong energy current, electrified my whole body down to my fingers and toes. I felt a numb but energetic sensation.  Floating free like an amoeba, Watsu is often associated with being back in the womb. I felt fully relaxed and connected.

As the session came to a close, my therapist placed me on my feet near the wall. It took me a moment to find my legs and we both laughed. As I opened my eyes, to the early evening sky, there was a quarter moon in sight, a beautiful way to close the session and begin my stay at Two Bunch Palms.

I came to Two Bunch Palms to soak in the mineral hot springs, learn about new spa treatments, and spend time with a friend who is undergoing a “Health Opportunity”. Only a two-hour drive from LA, it is an easy escape. Two Bunch Palms has been an oasis for over 85 years. Overlooking the San Jacinto Mountains, it falls along the San Andreas Fault line and near Cahuilla Indian Land. The energy is magical. We checked into our room and headed up to their restaurant Essence.

The next day I had the Cahuilla Mud Wrap. I was looking forward to soaking in Two Bunch’s large mud tubs, but they weren’t operating that day, so I settled for the wrap. It began with dry brushing, exfoliating the skin and stimulating the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems. The mud was then applied with a mud mask. After receiving a relaxing scalp massage, I showered off and lay back on the massage table. The massage oil consisted of sage, rosemary, and other nourishing oils to replenish the skin. Although a nice treatment, next time I visit Two Bunch Palms, I have to try the mud baths.

The third treatment I received was a Shamanic Clearing Session. I had worked with a Chumash Shaman several years ago, a woman from Escondido Mexico named Cecila. She came up to LA a few times and I also went down to see her at her home. I experienced profound shifts in my life after working with Cecila. Shaman is not a light title, although you hear more and more people claiming to such, I hoped my Shaman Dani at Two Bunch would live up to her name.

Our session began with a standard intake; what’s going on in my life, what would I like to work on, and she asked me to choose a stone. I lay on the table and she began her work, taking me on a journey in my body, releasing negative energy or energy that was no longer serving me. I breathed deep as she shook her rattle over me and blew energy off of me with her breath. In the next hour she lead me on a guided journey to reclaim a soul part, find my gift and seek wisdom from my power animal.

Fragmented soul parts can be recovered and healed by going into past lives. Personally, I don’t get overly caught up in the time period of who or where I was, but I recognize the energy that needs to be let go of or reclaimed. I was beyond impressed by Dani’s intuition and the clarity she brought to my journey. It was much more than I expected. She told me I would be detoxing for a few days after the session and to drink a lot of water. The next three nights I had extremely vivid dreams. And the days that have followed, I’ve felt elevated with steady energy throughout the day.

As we headed back to LA, we reflected on the deeper discovery of ourselves, and how much we had enjoyed this chapter. For more information on Two Bunch Palms go to and for a great alternative to just eating at the resort visit and

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