Yoga Therapy

A student of Yoga Medicine and 16 years working in alternative therapies, Elizabeth teaches yoga to students of all ages and abilities. The first session will assess your range of motion, areas of holding patterns, and pain before unwinding tension, stretching and strengthening through modified yoga poses. We use yoga props to support the body , as we work both dynamically, as well as longer holds for a restorative effect. Yoga has a profound effect on strengthening the cardiovascular, digestive, immune, respiratory, and muscular systems. Through yoga we also bring the lymphatic, endocrine, and nervous systems back into balance.

$150 – 1 hour in-home session

Vinyasa Yoga

VinyasaWe are spiritual beings in dense human bodies. When the physical and subtle bodies align, we can become temples to unlock higher consciousness; but in western society our bodies can also weigh us down and manifest dis-harmony. When we are children we breathe with our whole bodies, fresh to take on anything. As we age gravity persists and toxins accumulate. We have the choice to transform our bodies through an asana yoga practice, just one of the limbs of the 8th limb Raja Yoga Path. Asana yoga is an essential component to living in western society.

Asana, from Sanskrit, means a steady, comfortable posture. The YogaWorks methodology brings together the asana practice through a moving Vinyasa class. The breath brings awareness to the practice as we heat the body, elongate, and bring the body back into correct alignment. The Yogaworks teaching offers level 1-3 classes. Learning correct alignment in lower level classes is paramount to advancing to faster moving Vinyasa classes.

$150 – 1 hour in-home session

Kundalini Yoga & Kriya Yoga

IMG_9565Sat Nam Yogis! Sat Nam is the seed mantra in Kundalini Yoga meaning truth is my identity. Within each human soul there is a seed that grows when we live according to our destiny. Kundalini Yoga awakens our energies to experience true clarity of mind and intuition by balancing the Nervous and Endocrine Systems. It is the ancient technology using mantra (sound), mudra (hand positions), and kriyas (specific hatha yoga exercises), to raise the Kundalini energy. When we tune into our bodies subtle energy system through these ancient techniques, the subconscious sub-personalities quiet and our true essence is available to achieve greatness. Instead of acting out of our past, or thinking about the future, we are able to express ourselves bountifully, blissfully and beautifully today.

It is a great honor to pass along the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Guru Ram Das, and the Golden Chain of Kundalini Yoga teachers and create the sacred space to expand into our truth. Our mental and spiritual faculties are vast and at our fingertips. If we can close our eyes and connect with this technology we will open up to the scenery of our destiny.

Each class begins with an intro, then we practice the Kriya, we move into a deep relaxation, and end with an 11 minute mediation.

$150 – 60-75 minute in-home session


MeditationThere is a myriad of mediation techniques, but the goal is the same, stillness of the mind and peace in the soul. Neuroscientist have found that the amygdala in the brain, responsible for the fight or flight response of the sympathetic nervous system, actually shrinks with consistent meditation. A private session with Elizabeth will explore what meditation techniques works best for you. Pranayama, breathing techniques, Mantra, and visualization are potential portals to achieve your bliss.

$150 – 1 hour in-home session

Children’s Yoga

Drawing on her Bachelors of Arts in Art Education K-12, Elizabeth weaves her creativity into her children’s yoga classes. Superhero, Princess, Fairies, Rainforest, Ocean, Desert, Native American, Halloween, Christmas and many other themes direct the class. Taught with smart sequencing, games, and fun props, children and adults both can stimulate their creativity and get their bodies moving in a fun and joyful way.

$150 – 1 hour class (up to 6 children per class)

Yoga & Art

Elizabeth is also available to teach a yoga & art combination class.

$250 + supplies