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Theta Healing

Theta Healing - IMG_1308We hold belief patterns on many levels; a Core Belief level, from things we’ve learned in this life; a Genetic level, patterns we’ve inherited from our family; a History level, past lives; and a Soul level. Many beliefs keep us conditioned to repeat many of the same scenarios in life.

Theta Healing allows the recipient to release behavior patterns on all levels that do not support the persons evolutionary path and replace them with beliefs that support the person’s life direction. Sessions take approximately an hour with the recipient 100% awake discussing their process. When we align with higher universal energy, theta, the blocks are easy to see and release.

$125 – 1 Hour Session


Theta Healing Testimonials

Fabiana Medici

Acting Coach, Writer

“My two children and I have been working with Elizabeth for over 6 years. Her healing techniques (with us she combined Theta, visualizations and meditation) have impacted our health and general well being greatly. Her empathy and understanding is great and we love that we never feel judged and have total freedom to express ourselves and our problems. I am very grateful that we can count on her whenever we need some balance (physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual.”

Myriam N.

Skincare Specialist

Elizabeth’s theta healing is an amazing experience. I went to Elizabeth because I heard fascinating things about her, but I wasn’t prepared for what happened. In the session Elizabeth goes deeply into your soul and brings up knowledge and wisdom she couldn’t know about; old family patterns and traumas can be finally released. She helps you understand what held you back in life and made you unhappy. Finally a profound healing process starts. Its a beginning of a liberated and much more happy life. I can’t wait to book the next session. Thank you so much!”